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Fake news has proved to be as much of an obstacle as the coronavirus itself when it comes to information. With that in mind, we've created the COVID-19 Knowledge Center. A platform curated by medical specialists for the city of São Paulo. Here you can find answers for everything related to COVID-19.
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Curated knowledge

All the content in the knowledge center was carefully selected by our curation team formed by the most diverse specialists, including journalists, biomedical doctors, gerontologists and biologists. This way, you can be sure that the information is genuine.

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How we've organised the information

To navigate the platform, you will use Cards, Trails and Boards. Here's how it works.


Cards can be just about anything, and this is where knowledge itself lies: the articles, websites and photos that best represent the content selected by our curators. It is like a page in a book, ready to brief you about everything you need to know.


Several Cards together form a Trail, just as several pages form a chapter of a book. Each Trail has Cards about a specific theme in a logical order, making it easier to understand.


Several Trails together form a Board, which is like a book on a specific subject. Choose the Board that best fits what you need to know and we'll have the answers.

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Organised by Category

The contents of the COVID-19 Knowledge Center have been distributed in different categories so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Be part of this project

Have you found any website or content that is not yet here? Send it to our team of curators and be part of the construction of this platform to combat disinformation.

Send a message to or to our Twitter.

Sponsored by

The creation of the Mee's COVID-19 Knowledge Center was made possible through the a project promoted by ADE SAMPA, the São Paulo Development Agency. The initiative, focused on microentrepreneurs, aimed to accelerate technological projects that would help create solutions to problems generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

About Mee

The COVID-19 Knowledge Center is an example of how the information organization platform created by Mee works. You can use our tools to organize whatever you want, be it documents for your home office work, academic research or even information about your next personal project. Want to know more?
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